In The Summer Of…

Does this feel like the summer of 67 to you? Is this now both climate and season change?

My next question goes to Elliott Beethoven.

If a Wave 2 cannot exceed the starting point of the Wave 1, and according to my broker on Raw spread it did, on fixed spread it didn’t, then did it?

At last we take a look at the skidding component.

Black Flagship Ladyship

Retracing my own steps, the black misstep seems to be about a lower low / higher high with receding RSI2 reading in progress.

Other then the Q-Anon marks (see last blog entry), a bit of daily embedding and a black misbeat seems to be the constellation you are looking for. Nick Rhodes says so.

The Black Peter cards originated from Germany.

Semafor, you don”t have to put on the red light…