Candy Dufflebag

Here I slow again on my own.

Parking down the only avenue I’ve ever known.

The big day is here. Options sellers are going to cash in Steaks & Tesla Factories. That’s the Duffler effect of pisding trillions and trillions of dollars on time limited options into the Sacks.

If you did not understand that professional volume candle on the Euro that temporarily took the Euro out of the bear market and placed it on the top shelf neatly, now you must have an idea. Everything is rendered under the juggernaut, the greatest show on Earth, the US stock market, and FX isn’t immune to it either. Look at the volume that is finally settling in the counter party’s hands this evening.

The bottom of the shelf is at 1.0733-1.0728. Despite the momentum being down for 6 trading days, there hasn’t been a need for reinforcement just yet: even the 9-D EMA hasn’t been crossed.

A gap down over the weekend, anyone?

The bigger the sunction device, the bigger the sucking, and the more the sucklings play around with options, the more the game is going to be about expiring them worthless.

FXE is currently a 100 pips above the max pain.

The big move will happen when very few are on board to take advantage of it.