Instantly Delayed Gratification

I’ve been thinking of the time when the English are sick to death of flavour.

It’s ok, I’m allowed to say things like this, I’m British. Would you like a cucumber sandwich for tea?

Not sure why it took me forever to come around to typical prices. I now see divergences in an entirely new light.

The boxes are continuation divergences, the lines are reversals.

The first, Magenta is what I call an early divergence. There is no deep enough valley between the peaks, but there is a steep divergence.

The yellow divergences are not good enoug to be called divergences, they are tapers.

What is likely to happen after the early divergence print is that the market falls into a zigzag cycle.

The zigzags are ABC moves that are going to be going on until a real reversal divergence shows up – red line. A real reversal has one of its leg in the overbought / oversold and price trips over the startosphere line (white).

The actuality of course is the early divergence print today.

Pushing some more Stive Morgan. The guy has a thousand colors.