Mirror Horror

I said to look for 3 factals outside the 30-sample BB.

B and T are two. The question is the location of the last fractal.

I do not think that the opening 4H candle is not going to take away the pending privilege from the low made 5 hours before the close, yet that could be a phony print. Explain? The spread would get cranked up for the pre hours, and since this is a bid chart, you may not be able to cover in gains, as the ask would stay relatively unchanged.

The mirror part. When the low was made, there were 5 legs up. Two corrective structures and a total of 3 4H fractals outside the BB.

B, T and T.

One actually fell a bit shy of the band, thus it was colored Teal. Teal hints a return to the mean, which is either the S30 or the E32. On the first chart this was the E-32.

The similarities: after the fractal gets finalized (may take 12 hours if there is a new low in the first 4 hours), 5 waves would be considered spent.

Differences: the total move up from the bottom was faster and got further. 470 pips to be exact.

With this, the R3 was violated by 45+ pips on the upside and there was no new low made afterwards. The current move is at 365 pips and has been trickling much slower, with less conviction. Even after the capsizing event, price mustered to go back to the dirt box at the end of the original Wave 2 for liquidity.

Mirroring the idea, the dirt box starts at 1.09396, and that is if this is not going to go on to start making new highs, which should be an open possibility without the capsize beat below the 1.0617 S3 by at least 45 pips.

I’m getting book deep into the divergences as you saw before, and I believe two good divergences should make this bottom solid for now, and the weekly S3 won’t be reached.

I believe that the exodus from the Dollar is not over yet.

All of the max pain levels are higher than this price until the middle of March.

Since I have already used Sandra’s Mirrored In Your Eyes here before, here’s Sandra’s voice in an Enigma song instead.

Pro weekly volume candle support + E-59 the separator of the two markets just below.