Shadow Painter

What’s common with Peter Reznicek, Jesus and the band called Hoobastank?

Horton Hears a Ho. Hoobastank is phonetic for Whose Butt Stank? Jesus H. Christ & the “h” pattern that is hard to break lower out of – according to the Shadow Trader.

I guess, this joke didn’t “h” well.

An “h” pattern is an ABC move with the 3rd leg undercutting the 1st leg by a little putting an end to the move in the direction.

What do you see when you are looking at that continuation lower high with the enormous wick to the 19 EMA? A major rejection?

I see a low volume high speed runway ready for take off (Chickpeas).

What about here, what about now?

How about a liquidity grab with a Wave 2 getting folded back on itself – to raid the dirt box as I always say it.

Show me how you do that trick

When you work as a Compositor / Cameraman (in an imitation 3D production) half of your time is gonna be spent with applying and animating shadows.

In the wall thrown shadows scene I used Trapcode Shine for the distortions and built the mask script with After Effects. It is stunning how complicated a simple looking scene can get. Good thing I always loved to build logical circuits. I’m showing you this to give an insight to the difficulties of making cartoons. Not even going to mention multiplaning here.

Other than the cartoon thing all of my jobs were of hard physical labor. People keep me for my strength. If only they knew…

I’ve noticed that indians & alien technology sells, so how about Chingachgook & Shinkanzen for a new comic book idea?

Cherokees & Cherry Coke. Nemo & Geronimo.

New company logo

Ramalama ping-pong. Upper Guard Rail (1x Fluctuation Max stretch), Lower Guard Rail (3 times in a row). Sweet Child of Mine, where do we go now?

…Crack! So much for the idea of the “h”.

Anywho, there’s the big bow with the full arch between the measuring and the divergent leg.

Current &

Prior example

Yes, headed for the Cyan Box

…with some delay. The 15% Fiboacci Extension is at 1.0636. 1.0615 is the weekly S3.

All we need is a faith healer…

I’ve been talking about a low 1.06xx target since the 28th of January.