Fractal Synergy

I started out my trading journey in the field of Fractal Energies.

I guess you can say now that I am back to my fruits.

Too many Ys in this one.

Every route ended up leading to the same path.

Measuring leg & divergent leg / zero & mastodon / push & echo were of the same coin all along.

The conclusion had to be the same too. The market has to get in a higher state of charge before holding enough energy to make a change (for once in my life), step on the man in the mirror and be able to feel real good about it.

This divergence can only be measured between two well chosen reference points.

Echo thus is set at a point in space time where the inability can finally be overcome by ability.

Price/Earnings = LED Ceppelin

CiP < CiE

Why 12 sample? Because it is 7 + 5 and also 48 /4.

All I need now is somebody with some money.

If I can’t help you, I won’t help nobody, baby.

ECB Planetary Policy later today.