End Of The World

Should have said end of the blog.

Now that my turout has dropped to 5 views per post, I am determined to finish the destruction, and get it down to one single view.

Oh, I have the master plan for this one.

If options have Greeks, trading has Germans.

A quick word about Walls, Berlin or not.

3 walls in one direction, 2 in the other, which is the way of progression?

The white line in the Stratosphere. The 45-pip (fluctuation maximum) displacement of the E-32 as per Hourly.

The first reach outside for a big grab of nothing is the Luft.

The second, as the old German wisdom holds it, is the Luftwaffe, as where there is Luft, the Luftwaffe wouldn’t be far.

The third one is Concorde as to commemorate the British and the French.

You see, I always thought that if there would be only 2 men left on the planet, one would be German and the other one would be Japanese. You would need to truly believe in your superiority to give you the extra edge. No, being “God’s chosen people” would lot qualify, this is not upto voting.

So I started my own Eurasian Race. She goes by Zulfen Tralfen Zulfie as her German name and Zuflasyei Shusmichiro by the Japanese. With this sneaky twist she can infiltrate these people by their flank, and it is going to be a whole lot easier for her to assimilate. What’s more she would get to pick between the two guys standing. 50% chance of succeeding every time.

(The World’s Laziest Sex Tourist)

Ok, let’s proceed from where I left off last time.

We have a valid opening move to the downside, yet every move comes to an end.

A Push contains the Stab (or Stahl) and the Echo episode contains the Desperato (Deperate effort to live up to the once great nation).

Once this sequence has sailed (on a U-Boat), the Daily chart would print either a continuation divergence or a counter P-E sequence resulting in a sideways / corrective pattern.

If you look back on the history prior, you will find that for a continuation you would either need the the 18-sample stochastic to print an 88+ reading or the E-50 ribbon would be above the 2.5 std Deviation BB top, whic would cap the move. The latter does not happen often at all, certainly not likely at the beginning of a move, see the Teal ovals below.

The point is that I think you should be looking for an 80+ stochastic print, since the upper BB would not dip below the E-50 ribbon for at least a few weeks.

Whoever controls the heartland controls the world. The US blew up the gas pipe to sabotage the birth of a counterweight.