Money Blows

— an absolutely no audience special –

First question: has there been an end of wave weekly swing low lately (in 20 weeks) that did not come off of the 14-sample Window Envelope?

(see arrows)

Second question: is a 38.9 stochacstic reading close enough to 40 to be calling a continuation divergence?

If so, then the C leg merely started a few days back. The Energy curve is printing the first hump, that preceeds the Push and the Echo. I have no name for it yet, but measuring leg was used before, so maybe measuring hump. Both the Push and the Echo would have to arrive with incrementally higher energy hunches, the Push – as mentioned prior – would print a Stab (a quick, linear move appearing as an energy plummet – red verticals) and the Echo would arrive even later with the Desperato / desperate reach (usually a lower low / higher high – green vertical) before this whole ABC structure would come to an end.

Now, Money Flow affairs.

After the Euro peak was mode, the first money flow rebound I marked up in white. I did not quite know what to do with it at the time. I did notice that when money flow had exceeded this reading, that was a perfect continuation entry (red block).

Here we are again with the white bag above my door, money flow rapidly approaching the continuation level. Stochastic is embedded oversold. Notice that the swing high and the money flow high did not coincide, and a lower high could easily show a more overbought level.

37% of the people are net short. I am one of them.

Question #3: have we seen the low?

The red arrows? A recent idea.

    if (High[i]>stratou[i] && Close[i]<High[i]-(High[i]-Low[i])*.8 && High[i]-Low[i]>90*Point){
          ObjectCreate("Poe"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], (High[i]+Low[i])/2+150*Point); 
            ObjectSetText("Poe"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(222), 32, "WingDings", Crimson);
       if (Low[i]<stratod[i]+50*Point && Close[i]>Low[i]+(High[i]-Low[i])*.8 && High[i]-Low[i+1]>140*Point && iStochastic(symbol,0,120,3,3,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0,i)<15.5 && iStochastic(symbol,0,120,3,3,MODE_SMA,PRICE_MEDIAN,0,i)>4 && Low[i]>stratod2[i]){
          ObjectCreate("Poe"+DoubleToStr(i), OBJ_TEXT, 0, Time[i], (High[i]+Low[i])/2-60*Point); 
            ObjectSetText("Poe"+DoubleToStr(i), CharToStr(221), 32, "WingDings", DarkGreen);