MFI Geek

Like I said, geeky stuff.

You must ask the question, which is the prevailing divergence.

Why? Because until the corresponding continuation divergence sets in and lays out, price movement is safe in the given direction.

I had to figure out what can you be holding for from the continuation entry. Yes, I had the auto hedge clicked on below 16 mfi.

The answer, as it turns out, an entire 5-wave structure. 3 pops on the 30 sample BB (aim 5-pips out),

Stable Diffusion – almost confusion

Hitching a Glitch

This was a German ambition. The wanted to come up with lyrics containing English words only. They did not have to make sense.

I suffer from a rumor

I suffer from a new born

I suffer from a tumor ✓

A strange kind of humor

in regards to dilettante stuff like “my inner soul”, well, unless you have multiple ones, this does not make sense. You don’t have brains either.

Terrific picture, but the arm isn’t connected to the body.

3 hands come standard with stable diffusion, random number of fingers and impossible angles.

Camouflage is an ahead of its time prime specimen.

Great music and total nonsense lyrics.

If you figure out what the above means, you’ll get a Kugel with Strudel.

Or mit ohne fleisch – just the way I ordered my lunch in Stuttgart when I was a performer at the Bunte Bühne’s Gegen Gewalt festival.

This call…

…worked like a zentralhoff spielen.