Zero Sum Pain

How do you know that you are alive if you’ve never been dead?

New definions for a better work environment.

1 Hour Chart.

An end of an ABC correction is the best entry for a continuation move.

The Loneliness should be measured from an Oversold (<20) / Overbought (>80) RSI2 HL2 reading. It may make a lower low / lower high as part of a giration, but the important parts are: not reaching beyond the BB30 on the other side even at the end of the C print and a challenge of the swing level made by Wave A within 14 hours. You should scale in after the 14th hour and add on the 16th. A Loneliness ABC may only make it beyond the S30 by the end of the C wave and has little counter directional volatility (meaning the B leg is not going to register in the deep field).

Since the B leg did not go deeply oversold, the 14th and 16th hours are of importance. I stamp this kind of a correction with numbers.

A Disregard ABC is not about the number of hours, but i.e. about the B wave going deeply oversold (<12.5) and the C going deeply overbought (>87.5). The C is likely going to get outside the BB30, but it does not have to. Important pieces of this one is starting from deeply oversold / deeply overbought condition and the counter directional leg is attest of the increased volatiliy. There are running flat and explanding flat variations of this one. It should also be said that the next 5-wave structure would not be able to take out the starting point (A) within the first leg.

After a Lonleliness ABC you are likely to get a Disregard one and vice versa.

A Score is getting from one side of the BB to the other within 7 hours.

A Break (in this environment) means a swing high / swing low made over the other half of the BB main line within 7 hours and breaking it within 11.

The current structure did not start from a deeply oversold condition, and after the new low there was a break up. I would think that there should be a 5th wave up before an ABC prints down. There seems to be a continuation divergence between Wave 2 and Wave 4.

Other. After clearing the daily S2 level, there was a 50-hour signal Blockout.

This is how the 3rd set of Red bars was actually the 2nd set.

I now call 20+ hours of buying / selling occuring in an uninterrupted manner on one side of the 8 EMO an Acceleration. It will always come with a follow through (at least one 15-hours block). There has to be a surprise cockfags Break print preceeding.

The danger is still the cyan candle, 1.0873+

Losing the embedding would mean a return to the 20 SMA. Otherwise the E9 +42 pips could be a good sell or the daily R1 at 1.0898.