The Tale Of The Tail

Your Honor, I would like to say in my defense, that however slowly, I am catching up.

2 spotted features of the end tail:

The tail starts from outside the 30 sample BB (large circle), it breaches the 8EMO in the middle (small circle) and has two periods that are comparable in length. Case:

& joint:

My original hypothesis based on short term history was that the Daily S2 / R2 has to be plotted for a break to transpire (remember, I tied the plotting to the Red and Green sticks), but apparantely a breach is just as possible if only the shadow of the line is in place.

In plain English, the No Daily Support message should also remind about the recurring exploitation until the symmetrical sequence pops up.

I lifted the Guard Rail plot idea from the LEMA30 and now the lower one is plotted in Coral.

Now I even understand the extra volatility’s purpose after a Loneliness sequence: it was needed to mark up the beginning of the tail.

I keep forgetting about my LEMA plots and how useful they can be. This shit is difficult.