Meet Mr. Morten Market


Yes, the market is an Atlas ball. If you did not know this, from now you would.

It is currently sitting idle – as per our stock picture.

Two forces shall try to press on it in the opposite directions in a minute.

Imagine two hands. One gives a push from one direction. The ball wobbles a bit and settles back down somewhere in its nest/pit.

The nest is approximately between the chartreuse lines – they represent the high points, the edges of the pit. Decision time, was the fore strong enough to push it over the edge? If so, the ball rolls.

I never had much faith in moving averages, I was not looking for moving averages. This is why I managed to find the right one.

The right one of course is the green river, that has been with me for a while. It is the 15-minute lema, or if you are on 30 minutes – like I am, it is the 414 sample high and low EMA.

The chartreuse is the edge of the pit. It is 1x Fluctuation Maximum away from the banks of the green river.

The fluctuation is instrument dependent and currently I figure it as 6/5 of  the Fluctuation Zone.

The Fluctuation Zone is a constant and volatility has no effect on it.

You get to change this value for your instrument in the latest LEMA 30.



My current thinking of the outer zones: bulls are strong in Zone 1; as soon as price is pushed over the edge, they have 26x 30 minutes of free play time to roll with it.

In Zone 2, if they manage to push the ball a bit outside of Zone 1, there is some extended time play to be had, but the ground is flat, which does not help the pushing force; bulls would have 7x 30 minutes to force the ball further without the slope.

As you can figure from all of the above, bears would have a hard time at the cusp of the pit to push it back into the pit part. The second picture shows such attempt that failed very recently.

For additional information, I placed the Purple Haze 3x Fluctuation Max distance from the Green River and the Icing 5x Fluctuation Max away.

How does it feel be in picture finally?


My God Awesome Indicator was updated accordingly.