What’s In a Decision?

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Ett Hundra?

Decisive moves. Let’s start pulling on this thread.

Sample size of 3.

Say true things.

Thesis: after a decisive move you’ll see one or more addotional legs until the last swing distance exceeds 95 pips (plus a No Break Extension – extra 40 pips may or may not be in the cards). This would represent the finishing wave structure, quasi the decisive move kick starts a terminal Wave structure that ends up culminating in a capitulation. Gaps are signs of impulse waves.

Figeroa 1: the second swing up went from 9998 to 1.0094

Figeroa 2: the next swing went from 9873 to 9728

Figeroa 3: the second swing went from 9901 to 1.0006

I guess the wave count dilemma never really was one in the ligth of this highlight. As you can see, a gap down is not necessarily a bearish thing (especially when gapping into the 8-hour EMA), it is simply a re-balancing act. A good lesson this was, I hope I shall remember it going forward. The difference could be money bags vs body bag.

What’s in a bird?

I saw the sign, La Isla Bhagavad Gita & I opened up my flies. I saw the sign.